[Press Release] StepDad Cartoon: New Animated Series Pilot

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Stepdad was created by animated television writers Brian Caban, Michael Martin and writer/creator Floyd Smith.

Stepdad is an animated show about an upper-class suburban family who come to realize life is not as picture-perfect as it seems. Everything falls apart when the mom, Megan Peterson, began cheating on her mayor-elect husband, Scott Peterson. The unfortunate, yet hilarious part is the affair is taking place with a black dude from the hood named Tyrone. This cartoon is a blend of extreme stereotypes, punchy humor, and social satire. It pokes fun at real life issues and current events in a way that is funny, yet relatable to all audiences.

The story takes place after the couples’ divorce when Scott moves in with his next-door neighbor, Pedro. Scott loses his house, his job, and on top of it all, Tyrone is living next door as a Stepdad to his family. The cartoon follows Scott’s new life as an unemployed ex-husband, and Tyrone’s, as an unemployed Stepdad. It also follows the life of Seth, Scott Peterson’s son, and his imaginary friends Cow and Megabot, resulting in hilarious consequences and wacky adventures.

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